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About Us

JOGANI® Reinforcement Technologies

We are supplying our reinforcement products under brand name JOGANI® Engineering Fiber across the globe and providing third party label and packaging opportunities for varies size and specifications to many MNC and big construction chemical companies. Entrepreneurial spirit and constant endeavor to offer cutting edge products and solution at affordable price to the industry are our key strengths. JOGANI® Reinforcement has vast experience and expertise in the field of engineering

fibers and fabrics. These high quality Polypropylene fibre, Polyfibre 3S, and Synthetic Monofilament are high tenacity materials used for tensile reinforcement, improving ductility and durability of concrete and mortar with crack control for all type of infrastructure and construction projects.

JOGANI® Reinforcement Fibers are Next Generation Engineering Fibre with high AR-alkali resistance and HD-high dispersion properties. JOGANI® Reinforcement offers one stop solution for all type of Concretes and Construction Fibers including Polypropylene, Polyfiber 3S, Synthetic Monofilament and variesother Synthetic Fibers.

JOGANI® Reinforcement Story

The company is certified with varies quality certifications including QMS ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Advance technology JOGANI® Reinforcement Fibers are safe, easy to use and complies with American Quality Standards ASTM C 1116.

JOGANI® Group received many prestigious Awards and Recognition in last fifteen years including latest ICONS 2021 from Economic Times – Times of India Group.

Advantages of JOGANI® Reinforcement Engineering Fibers

Advance Technology AR-Alkali Resistant, HD-High Dispersion Fibers

  • Prevents Micro Shrinkage Cracks, making the Concrete / Plaster inherently stronger.

  • Reduces abrasion resistance, improves flexural strength and fatigue resistance. Improves ductility and toughness. Very useful for PQC, high grade concrete, constructions and Infra Projects.

  • Millions of Fiber support Concrete / Mortar in all dimensions and provide Micro Secondary  Reinforcement (MSR).

  • Dispersed uniformly throughout Cement, Aggregate Mix, ensure better binding and anchoring  of  Concrete  /  Mortar.

  • Reduces  rebound  loss  and  save  mortar  and  labour  cost for Plaster.
  • Increase tensile strength and flexural toughness of Concrete / Mortar and make it stronger for the Thermal Expansion  /  Contraction and reduce  chances  of  cracks.

  • Protects sharp edges and corners of plaster from damages during plastic stage.

  • User  friendly  product  easy  to  use  and  safe  to  handle  at  construction  site.

  • Increase  Quality,  Durability  and  Service  life  of  construction.

  • JOGANI® Engineering Fibers comes with weather resistant packaging and complies to Indian and International Quality Standard.

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