JOGANI® Plaster Mesh

JOGANI® Plaster Mesh

JOGANI® Plaster Mesh are Engineering Fabric-Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Mesh Manufactured with ARACC Technology which is very much vital for Cement base applications as Cement is highly alkaline material. JOGANI plaster Mesh Coating is specially designed for Imported Specialty Chemicals which gives High strength and Durability

  • Export quality Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Mesh
  • High tensile strength Chicken Mesh for all type of plasters and joints
  • ARACC coating for high alkali resistance and durability
  • Super flexible easily cut with normal scissor
  • heavy duty crack control properties
  • No nail or expert labour required to fix it on surface
  • Zero level plaster possible with thin JOGANI Plaster Mesh
  • Protect wall surface from cracking
  • Improves mechanical properties and impact resistance
  • Reduce water permeability and maintenance cost of construction
  • Very usefull for waterproofing application
  • Bigsaving on maintenance and lifecycle cost
JOGANI® Plaster Mesh
JOGANI® Plaster Mesh

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