Polyfiber 3S breakthrough technology for crack control and micro secondary reinforcement.

Polyfiber 3S Breakthrough Technology For Crack Control And Micro Secondary Reinforcement.

Polyfiber 3S breakthrough technology for crack control and micro secondary reinforcement

While fiber-reinforced concrete may appear to be a new breakthrough in building, it has been around for some decades. However, as towns and corporations seek a low-cost option that would provide durability and the capacity to produce cutting-edge designs, the use of fiber-reinforced concrete has increased. There are a wide selection of fibres that will particularly match the needs of your unique project, depending on the project and the environmental impact that may affect the concrete.

According to the Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association (FRCA), fibre types for use in fibre reinforced concrete applications come in a variety of forms:

  • Cellulose Fibers
  • Glass Fibers
  • Macro-Synthetic Fibers
  • Micro-Synthetic Fibers
  • Natural Fibers
  • Poly-Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) Fibers
  • Specialty Fibers
  • Steel Fibers
  • Steel & Micro/Macro Blends

Polyfiber 3S is a new generation concrete and construction fibre that Jogani Reinforcement manufactures and supplies not only in India but also internationally for long-lasting, crack-free infrastructure. The product has been developed from Polymers, which is an extremely tough and sturdy material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.Polyfiber is also said to be water-resistant. When Polyfiber 3 S is mixed into your mortar or concrete, it gives enhanced crack control, ductility, and durability to the infrastructure you develop.

India’s infrastructure has seen massive transformation in recent years, and the government continues to invest heavily in infrastructure development. All this investment can go to waste, if there is no durability in the infrastructure developed. However, huge quantities of building materials, which are restricted, are required for the creation of this infrastructure. Sand, cement, and steel are all finite resources. As all of this construction has a negative influence on the environment, you need a building material that can meet the continual demand for infrastructure while still being durable and environmentally benign. The demand for such a material prompted Jogani Reinforcement to introduce Polyfiber 3 S, a breakthrough technology, to its extensive line of products, all of which are intended to improve crack control, durability, and ductility in infrastructure projects.

Jogani Reinforcement is not confined to the domestic market; it also exports its products internationally. The company’s high quality new generation polyfibre 3S has transformed the construction and infrastructure industries not only in India, but also in other nations. In reality, the Middle East represents a big market for the corporation. Because of the vast temperature changes and highly quick thermal movement in the Middle East region, the likelihood of infrastructure breaking in those countries is very significant. Jogani Reinforcement’s fibres are tried-and-true solutions to infrastructure problems in the Middle East.

Polyfibre 3S can bring a plethora of benefits to your concrete project, from durability to quality improvement. The product can assist strengthen the toughness and durability of residential projects, Infra projects and Industrial floorings. It is evenly dispersed and serves as secondary reinforcement for increased endurance.

The microscopic reinforcement poly-fibre 3S is unrivalled in terms of tensile reinforcement and improved ductility of the mortar or concrete. Furthermore, these fibres support the concrete in all three dimensions, causing the construction to be crack resistant and robust.

Poly fibre 3 S can also be utilized to improve the durability of concrete in industrial applications. The product has already garnered worldwide recognition for being the primary material in the bulk of the world’s most recognizable architectural structures. Jogani Reinforcement has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for their Quality Management System, and they manufacture poly fibre in accordance with ASTM C 1116 of the American Quality Standards.

All of Jogani Reinforcement’s products are manufactured with a focus on durability and sustainability. The company is a concrete and construction fibres pioneer for crack reduction in PCC, RCC, PQC, Concrete Roads, FRC, Mortar, Plaster, Shotcrete, Precast, Cement products, mass housing projects, and all forms of concrete and construction applications.

Jogani Reinforcement also intends to launch a new line of concrete and construction fibres to meet the diverse needs of the infrastructure industry.

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