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JOGANI® Polypropyelene Fiber

Complies with ASTM C1116/EN 14889
JOGANI® Reinforcement Polypropylene Fiber are next generation synthetic fibers specially designed for construction reinforcement and crack control. These high quality fibers available in 6mm cut length and made from high quality virgin polypropylene. JOGANI® Polypropylene Fiber 6mm is suitable for plasters, shotcrete, mortar and precast cement and concrete applications. High alkali resistance and superior dispersion make this product very use full for all type of micro secondary reinforcement in construction. JOGANI® Reinforcement Polypropylene Fiber reduces rebound loss and increase abrasion and impact resistance. JOGANI® Polypropylene Fiber 6mm provides three dimension tensile reinforcement to control shrinkage, settlement and other cracks. These Engineering Fiber adds tensile reinforcement and ductility in cement articles, precast concrete and FRC. JOGANI® Polypropylene Fiber 6mm is user-friendly and safe to use. JOGANI® Polypropylene Fiber 6mm reduce maintenance and life cycle cost of construction and enhances quality and durability.

Applications: Plasters, Mortar, Shotcrete, Stucco, Cement Articles, Gypsum/Cement boards,
Precast Concrete Articles, FRC and for all type of Micro Secondary Reinforcement
requirement or as decided by Engineer.


Technical Information:
Material : Virgin Polypropylene (PP)
Length: 6 0.25 mm
Melt Point : 164 C
Specific Gravity : 0.91
Thermal Conductivity: Low
Alkali Resistance: Alkali Proof
Electric Conductivity : Low
Color: White
Water Absorption: Negligible
Acid and Chemical Resistance: Very High

Different size options available in 6mm, 12mm, 24mm and as per your specification

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